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26 2007
 18:46   An 11th Step Prayer for Equality

An 11th Step Prayer for Equality

By a member of AA

I pray that whatever Intelligence maintains an Infinite Universe in perfect orderliness will reveal all the new knowledge you may require to fully cooperate with the Great Reality of Life on Lifes terms.

May that new knowledge displace and rearrange any erroneous ideas, emotions and attitudes which are now guiding your life. May those blocks, barriers or obstacles to your greatest good and highest happiness, joy and freedom be eliminated by your improved understanding of the truth, good and reality for you, as a unique individual. With sufficient willingness, honesty and open mindedness, may you intelligently choose to always cooperate with that Ultimate Reality which is God.

May you consciously recognize that all new knowledge, and the power that goes with it, comes from One Source of All Knowledge and All Power, even if some other individual discovered some of it first. And, as yet another equal spearhead of Gods ever advancing Creation may this same prayer be answered the same way for me too.

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A Spiritual View Beyond Traditional Religion

by a member of AA (see Fwd to AAs 1st Edition)



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